Furniture Making is More Than Just Fabric

Your source for every upholstery need.

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We set out to be a one-stop shop because we know all the components that go into a single project. This is especially true for furniture makers. You’ll find a wide selection of upholstery fabric by the yard and all the coinciding upholstery supplies you need through our online catalog. Get everything in one place so you can stop shopping and start doing.

Tools & hardware

Below is just a small sampling of the upholstery tools and hardware items we carry.

✓  Engel Hot Knife (blade sold separately)
✓  Zipper jig tool
✓  Revolving punch
✓  Osborne Staple Remover
✓  Kretzer® Upholstery Shears
✓  Thread nippers
✓  Rawhide mauls and mallets
✓  Fabric marking pencils
✓  Grommets


Trim & embellishments


Among our furniture supplies are the edging and finishing touches that give a professional look.

✓  Thread and bobbins
✓  Sunbrella® Twist Cord-Edge
✓  Sunbrella Brush Fringe
✓  Welt cord for piping
✓  Embroidery supplies


Cleaners & protectants


Specially formulated cleaners and protectants keep furniture fabric looking new. These are especially practical for outdoor, commercial projects. Great for in-shop use or retail sale.

✓  IOSSO® mold and mildew stain remover
✓  Water repellent spray
✓  Clearco Adhesive Spray
✓  Mr. Clearco Silicone Spray
✓  303 multi-surface cleaners and protectants
✓  Super Seamstick Adhesive Tape