VISE-GRIP® Pliers and Dies

The originator of VISE-GRIP pliers, IRWIN has oiled the wheels for better tools since 1884. See below for their straight jaw locking pliers and corresponding metal anvil and clincher dies.

The VISE-GRIP pliers provide a straight jaw for steady contact on flat projects. The adjustable turn screw easily modifies pressure and fit. The locking pliers are made from premium-grade steel for lasting durability. The trigger release is designed to deliver maximal locking power. The tool is great for twisting, clamping, tightening, and installing DOT® Durable™ fasteners.

The anvil and clincher dies fit over each side of the pliers’ jaw to work as a die press for DOT Durable fasteners. Use the fastener dies for setting buttons, sockets, eyelets, and studs. Buy the pliers and dies as a complete set for a range of future projects.