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Video Guide: Sunbrella®Rain Upholstery

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    Video Transcript

    • Hi, my name is Johnny Bentley and I am an industrial sewing machine mechanic with Bill’s Sewing Machine Company. I have experience writing and developing programs for industrial sewing machines. I will be sharing helpful tips and best practices for your sewing machine to help you maximize your productivity in the lifetime of your machine.
    • Let’s talk about some of the common parts of the sewing machine. The parts of the sewing machine that make sure you have smooth stitches are…The Needle Thread Adjustment, which is gonna be down here, right on the front of the machine. You have a Check Spring or Torsion Spring Adjustment that can be made, but at this point we’re just going to point out that this is the spring itself.
    • Then we have Thread Guides throughout the machine. Those thread guides need to be threaded correctly, just as the manufacturer recommends. Then we’ll have the Needle Bar Thread Guide which is actually at the very tip of the needle bar. That is going to be threaded as well, it’s got a job to do there, to keep thread in line with the needle.
    • We have an Inner and Outer Presser Foot, and those two guys have a job to do too. The one that’s on the inside is the closest to the operator. The one on the outside is further away from the operator. The operation of the tension adjustments is gonna be mostly done on the Needle Thread Adjustment. Then we have the Stitch Length Indicator on the right side. The smaller the number on the indicator knob, will give you a short stitch, and the bigger number on the indicator knob will give you a longer stitch.
    • And then right next to that is a Reverse Lever, and that Reverse Lever is to reverse the direction of the sewing in case you need to put a back tack in your product. And then of course behind this belt cover, we have a Feed Belt that actually drives the sewing machine. And then you turn the Hand Wheel to give yourself the needle position needed accordingly.
    • Thank you for watching, I hope you learned something new today. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Trivantage sales rep.

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