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Barricade: Protect What Matters Most

If you have not yet tried Barricade, an advanced, four-layer fabric designed to meet and surpass the challenging requirements of a basic cover fabric, then the time to do so is now.

Available exclusively from Trivantage®, this highly water resistant and quick drying fabric will ensure valuable possessions are protected for years to come. Barricade features a breathable film sandwiched between two layers of soft but durable bicomponent non-woven material. From grills and motorcycles to cars and airplane windshields, the fabric guards against the damaging effects of sun, dirt, dust, and moisture. It is also UV resistant and lightweight for easy storing.

As a result, help your customers protect their valuable investments from the elements and scratching for years to come with Barricade.

Barricade is in stock and ready to ship. Please contact your sales representative for a sample, shop Barricade on, or contact us at 800-786-1876.

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