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Advanced Textiles Expo: Digital Printing Solutions from Trivantage®

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, businesses and consumers alike want to set themselves apart through unique personalized displays. This comes in the form of different expressions, and one trend that helps differentiate the look of businesses is digital printing solutions. Digital printing offers both personal and commercial customization, and requests for custom awning products is estimated to be as high as 40%.

We invite you to join Trivantage at Advanced Textiles Expo 2023 and learn how digital printing is ideal for commercial applications looking to brand themselves and draw consumers’ eyes to their business. Our very own Andrew Medley will present a Campfire education session on the show floor titled “Digital Printing: Unique Solution Offering That Differentiates.” His presentation will outline what to consider when reviewing an opportunity, including:

  • How to work with the client (pattern resolution, color matching, sampling costs)
  • How to fabricate the project (pattern matching, width for length)
  • Choosing the right product (FR codes, printing process, warranty)

We hope you can join us at 3:30 p.m. on Nov. 1 as Andrew demonstrates how, if you can imagine it, it can be printed.

If you haven’t already registered for the Expo, it’s time to reserve your spot. The flagship show for the industrial textiles industry will be held Nov. 1-3 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The Trivantage team looks forward to seeing you at Booth #1327 and sharing the latest on our game-changing marine, shade, and upholstery offerings, including Quilted Marine Upholstery Panels featuring Sunbrella® Horizon®.

When registering, be sure to use VIP discounts available from Trivantage. You can apply code EX23VIPTRI for a free Show Floor Registration or code EX22TENTRI for 10% off the All Access or Expo Plus registration packages. To begin, click the Attendee button at Once on the Registration Details page, click either All Access, Expo Plus, or Show Floor Registration. Then on the Shopping Cart page, enter your choice of discount codes and apply the discount.

While in Orlando, check out the website Visit Orlando for suggestions on outdoor attractions to experience, the Orlando Museum of Art and other museums to wander, and, of course, and more than a dozen theme parks to visit, including one led by a certain mouse. Your schedule is certain to be jammed during the Expo, but if you have an opportunity to explore Orlando, we think you’ll find plenty to see and do in the fourth-most visited city in the U.S.

Click here for the complete Expo schedule and visit Advanced Textiles Expo for everything you need to ensure a successful show.

See you at Booth #1327!

New Customer Membership Program Custom Built for You

We are excited to share that we have created Trivantage Plus, a new membership program custom built for you. At Trivantage®, we’ve always been committed to our customers’ satisfaction and success, and now we’re doubling down on that commitment. The Trivantage Plus membership program will give you special access to tools that will help you grow your businesses.

Our annual membership program offers several key benefits to help you gain a competitive edge plus peace of mind:

  • Flat-rate, same-day shipping on parcel package orders (exclusions may apply)
  • Special offers on tools, software, and more from industry partners
  • Year-round discounts on select Trivantage products and brands

And there’s so much more! Sign into your account to learn more about two membership levels and lock in introductory pricing today.

Click here to learn more about membership, or you can contact your sales representative or call us at 800-786-1876.

Fall Savings

The change in seasons means it’s time to take advantage of incredible specials on designer upholstery fabric, hardware, thread, trim and cord, and associated fabric and textiles available from Trivantage®.

Save big on:

  • Sunbrella® Fabrics – 200+ options (up to 88% off)
  • Hardware – 50+ essential supplies (up to 75% off)
  • Thread & Bobbins – 20+ options (up to 51% off)
  • Awning Fabrics – 25+ options (up to 80% off)

Be sure to also check out Last Chance Clearance with limited-stock items at their lowest prices ever. Supplies are moving quickly, so actnow and enjoy deep discounts on high-quality performance items that are on their way out.

Don’t wait, shop Trivantage clearance now for savings on a wide range of items in awning, marine, shade, upholstery, and more. You can also contact your sales representative or call us at 800-786-1876.

Shade Sails & Tension Fabric Structures: The Importance of High-Quality Fabric

When it comes to architectural design, tension fabric structures have emerged as a revolutionary alternative to traditional shading structures. What’s unique about tension fabric structures is the blend of aesthetics and functionality they offer.

That said, with the utility and beauty of tension fabric installations, the demand for high-quality fabric has never been higher. Below, we’ll delve into the intricacies of these structures and the importance of selecting the right fabric.

What are Tension Fabric Structures?

Tension fabric structures are architectural and engineering designs that use tension forces to create stable and lightweight structures. Tension fabric structures use specially designed fabrics and tensioned elements, like cables or membranes, to distribute the load and stress. These installations are similar to tension canopies, but are free-standing and do not require attachment to a building or structure. Tension fabric is also often used to fabricate Shade Sails.

Picture a giant canvas, stretched out and held firm by stainless steel cables or masts — that’s a tensioned fabric structure. But these aren't just fancy tents. They're permanent structures designed to withstand the elements.

Examples of Tension Structures

Everyday examples of tension fabric structures can be found shading playgrounds, recreation sites, parking lots, outdoor lounge areas, campus quads, and more. Famous examples of tension fabric structures include the award-winning Hartford HealthCare Amphitheatre installation in Connecticut, Luxembourg’s 2020 World Expo Pavilion in Dubai, the Munich Olympic Stadium in Germany, and Denver’s historic Union Station.

Brief History of Tension Fabric & Membrane Structures

The big brain behind these structures is Frei Otto, an architectural visionary. Inspired by nature, he looked at thin shell structures and the captivating hyperbolic paraboloid curvature. The result? Structures that use less material, are kinder to our wallets, and give Mother Earth a much deserved break.

Understanding Tension Fabric and What Makes it Unique

The specially engineered fabric used in tension structures, canopies, & shade sails promises tensile strength and extreme durability. These fabrics are designed to face the outdoors, be low maintenance, and have a very long lifespan.

But there's a softer side to it, too. The fabric has this neat trick of translucency. It lets in just the right amount of daylight, lighting up spaces below while also offering shade from those harsh UV rays.

Types of Fabric: Industry Leading Tension Fabric Manufacturers

When it comes to tension fabric structures, choosing the right type of fabric is critical. Here's a closer look at the industry’s four leading options:

Polytex® & Comtex® Shade Sail Fabric

Polytex is a medium-duty knitted shadecloth made from HDPE, giving it a strong, yet stretchy, structure. Its “Raschel Knit” design means it won't easily tear, even if it gets a bit roughed up. Polytex is ideal for small to medium tension fabric structures.

Comtex is also a knitted shadecloth made from HDPE but is meant for medium to large structures, providing heavy-duty performance with a proven history of longevity under even the harshest conditions & elements. Both Polytex and Comtex fabrics are trusted to shield UVA and UVB rays, and come with a solid fire safety rating, meeting NFPA-701.

Commercial NinetyFive 340

Commercial NinetyFive 340 isn't just another outdoor shade sail fabric, it's a jack-of-all-trades & fabricator favorite for tension structures over parking structures, playgrounds, pools, and other shade applications.

Made from UV-protected HDPE, it offers a comforting shield from over 90% of UV rays and a high level of durability throughout the seasons. It's also a friend to the environment, free from lead and phthalates, and even recyclable. Plus, with a 10-year UV protection warranty, it's a choice you can trust.

SolaMesh® Fabrics

If you're hunting for top-notch shade sail fabrics, look no further than SolaMesh, a gem you'll find only at Trivantage®. This fabric has weathered the fierce sun of places like the Middle East and Australia, proving its mettle. Crafted from HDPE monofilament yarn, SolaMesh stands up to UV rays, holds its shape, and is pretty low-key when it comes to upkeep.

With its generous width of 118”, it's a dream for big projects, be it shade sails or bespoke awnings. Whether you're jazzing up a patio, park, or playground, there are 19 lively colors to choose from, like Ocean Blue or Lime Green. To make it even better, a solid 10-year warranty backs each shade.

Architec 400® Shade Sail Fabric

Architec 400 is a 400 GSM High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shade sail fabric formed through a combination of monofilament yarn and Polyfab’s Ovalon™ monofilament yarn.

It offers maximum strength, minimal stretch, and UV protection of 90 percent and greater. A fantastic option for shade structures as it is durable and comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Partner with Trivantage for Your Fabric Needs

Navigating the world of tension fabric structures can be intricate, but with Trivantage by your side, you're in expert hands. Our curated selection ensures you have access to the best fabrics in the industry.

The fabrics we offer promise durability, style, and eco-friendliness. Let's bring your vision to life with the perfect fabric blend. Contact us today to explore our extensive range and get personalized recommendations — we're here to support you and your team every step of the way.

Advanced Textiles Expo: See You in Orlando!

Advanced Textiles Expo 2023 is just over two months aways, so be sure to reserve your spot now. The flagship show for the industrial textiles industry will be held Nov. 1-3 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, and will include the latest innovations in technology and textiles, including from Trivantage®. We invite you to visit Booth #1327 and see for yourself how you can count on Trivantage as your primary provider for new and exclusive products and services.

You won’t want to miss our game-changing marine, shade, and upholstery offerings, including Quilted Marine Upholstery Panels featuring Sunbrella® Horizon®. We’ll also detail a new membership program custom built for you, launch a new anniversary color with Serge Ferrari, demonstrate our Awning Composer® software, and tell you about Engineering Services available through Trivantage. We have so much more planned, so be sure to register today.

During the Expo, Andrew Medley, our regional sales manager, will present a Campfire education session on the show floor titled “Digital Printing: Unique Solution Offering That Differentiates.” His session, scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 1, will answer a fundamental question – What is digital printing? – and demonstrates how, if you can imagine it, it can be printed. You’ll learn how anything is possible, from basic patterns/stripes to photography that shows intricate details – all with photo-quality results. Join us and see firsthand how digital printing is ideal for commercial applications looking to brand themselves and draw consumers’ eyes to their business.

So, now it’s time to register, and you can apply VIP discounts from Trivantage to access the Expo. When registering, apply code EX23VIPTRI for a free Show Floor Registration or code EX22TENTRI for 10% off the All Access or Expo Plus registration packages. To register, go to and click the Attendee button to begin. Once on the Registration Details page, click either All Access, Expo Plus, or Show Floor Registration. Then on the Shopping Cart page, enter your choice of discount codes and apply the discount.

Click on Advanced Textiles Expo for complete details on registration, accommodations, show schedules, educational offerings, conferences, and workshops designed with members in mind. Watch this space next month for additional previews on the Expo, all with an eye on our commitment to your success over the long term.

See you at Booth #1327 in Orlando!

Customer Spotlight: SunPro Motorized Awnings and Screens

Paul Wade, director of product design and support at SunPro Motorized Awnings and Screens, has worked closely with Keith Purves and Trivantage® for many years. The duo consider their working relationship a partnership, and Wade appreciates that Purves, previously outside sales representative for Trivantage in Florida, always comes to the table with a solution.

“For us, it’s more than a working relationship; it’s a true partnership,” Wade said. “In this business, you need someone who is going to have open communication with you and provide reliable, timely responses. Keith has been that partner for me, as has Trivantage.”

SunPro creates solar, insect, and vinyl screens, as well as retractable awnings up to 40-feet with the most premium features standard in the industry. Motorization is more important than ever for the SunPro team, as homeowners’ demands for luxury, customizable outdoor spaces have increased significantly..

Many of the products SunPro uses, including SunTex®, are sourced from Trivantage. Wade is always looking to try something new, such as using a fabric in a new application. In fact, when asked what advice he would give to someone looking to get started in the awning industry, Wade said it all comes down to solutions.

“It’s all about having a ‘MacGyver’ attitude: having a curious mind and digging for new information,” he said.

That’s when he calls on his partner in Purves, now business development and training manager for Trivantage.

“Trivantage has been an integral partner for prototyping, and I appreciate the partnership with Keith and Trivantage,” Wade said.

We want to hear from you!

Be sure to contact your sales representative and share your story with us and we may include it in a future Market Corner. From project details and feedback from your customers to superior service from Trivantage, we would welcome an opportunity to share your story on our channels. You can also share details by calling us at 800-786-1876. We look forward to hearing from you!

Press Play: The Trivantage Video Library

Need sewing machine tips and tricks? How about a tutorial on the technology behind shade fabric customization through a single source? Maybe you’re looking for details on solid, well-constructed hardware, which is the backbone of any successful awning, marine, upholstery, or recreational project.

At Trivantage®, our Video Library has you covered, and full captions are now available on every video as well as a transcript:

For sewing tips, industrial sewing mechanic Johnny Bentley of Bill's Sewing Machine Company helps you maximize productivity in five how-to sewing videos.

Our Fabric Videos delve into Hydrofend® cover fabric, our Marine Upholstery Collection, Causeway® marine upholstery, Sunbrella® Horizon® (one the most exciting to come to marine upholstery), innovative PrintCraft® print system technology, and many more.

We also feature Hardware Videos on Marine Shade Fly products, slide-on wire canopies, shade sails, including custom designs, and a demonstration of the precision of the Engel Hot Knife.

And don’t forget our Accessories Videos, ranging from repair tape, thread, and fabric marking pencils.

Click here to access our complete library. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your sales representative or call us at 800-786-1876.

Executive Transition: Bret Kelley Named President of Trivantage®

We are thrilled to share the news that Bret Kelley, our vice president of sales since 2014, will be the next president of Trivantage. Steve Ellington, who joined Glen Raven in 1983 and has led Trivantage since 2009, has announced his plans to retire on January 1, 2024. Bret and Steve will work closely in the months ahead to ensure the transition is seamless and provide you and our industry with continued support.

Bret is no stranger to the high-performance textile industry. He joined Trivantage after 21 years with Highland Industries, Inc., where he led sales and marketing efforts for technical fabrics in commercial, industrial, and military applications. During his tenure at Trivantage, his focus has not wavered on identifying solutions for our customers.

In making the announcement, Bret said: “At Trivantage, we need to be where our customers are before they get there. Our partners are evolving at a rapid pace and we are committed to their success over the long term. My priority is to ensure customers can count on Trivantage for new product innovation, best-in-class service, and a customer experience that is second to none.”

It’s hard to put into words how much Steve means to Trivantage, Glen Raven, and the industry. He served as president and general manager of Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, the makers of Sunbrella®, and was instrumental in the acquisition of Dickson-Constant, which established Glen Raven as a global company. He also was instrumental in the formation of Trivantage, which due to his leadership is today one of Glen Raven’s largest subsidiaries. Steve’s contribution to the growth of Glen Raven’s global business during his 41-year career with the company is nothing short of remarkable.

If you know Bret you are already well aware of his passion for partnering with customers, and Steve noted how his focus on partnerships will continue to transform Trivantage in the years ahead: “Bret’s deep industry knowledge, strategic vision, and customer-centric approach make him the ideal choice to lead Trivantage. He is a trusted advisor who is steadfast in his commitment to our industry and the customers we serve.”

Please join all of us at Trivantage in congratulating Bret on his new role and recognizing Steve for his tireless efforts in the industry we support.

Trivantage Launches Refreshed Sunbrella® Fusion Collection

The Sunbrella Fusion Collection recently gained dozens of new, stylish fabrics for an even more diverse selection, reinvigorated to meet modern design needs. Each offering within Sunbrella Fusion is uniquely different yet also layers beautifully with other Fusion designs for truly distinctive living spaces. The new patterns are designed to inspire designers and fabricators to imagine new possibilities with fabric.

Made for outdoor or indoor furniture, Sunbrella Fusion is ideal for patio furniture, sofas, pillows, and more. The curated collection of durable fabrics stand strong against water, staining, mildew, and color loss. Built for continued use, they resist pilling and tearing, with many varieties suited for high-traffic areas.

Like all Sunbrella upholstery fabrics, the Fusion Collection offers softness and comfort, along with a synergistic blend of artistry and performance. It is distributed exclusively by Trivantage, sold by the yard, and backed by a five-year limited warranty. Additionally, Fusion is compatible with Sunbrella Clean, Sunbrella Restore, and Sunbrella Extract products.

To discover the limitless design ideas possible with Fusion, contact your local sales representative, shop online, or call us at 800-786-1876.

Sunbrella® Introduces New Fabric Cleaning Solutions

In the May issue of Market Corner, we told you about Sunbrella Extract, an oil-based stain remover that draws out the toughest, most set-in grease and oil-based stains for quick and easy removal. Sunbrella has since launched additional expertly formulated fabric cleaning products to its collection, offering customers easy-to-use, non-PFAS solutions for keeping fabrics looking new for years to come.

New to the collection are:

Sunbrella Clean Multi-Purpose Fabric Cleaner
Sunbrella Clean is specially formulated to safely clean and brighten Sunbrella fabrics. The all-in-one, multi purpose cleaner powers through spills and stains, breaking down everyday dirt and grime from food, drinks, pet messes, and more. The product has been tested and approved for use on all Sunbrella fabrics, including indoor and outdoor upholstery and Horizon® marine vinyl, and wipes away without leaving a sticky or cloudy residue behind.

Sunbrella Restore Fabric Protector & Repellent
Sunbrella Restore Fabric Protector & Repellent, which launched this month, adds an invisible layer of protection to Sunbrella outdoor fabrics, restoring water repellency that may have been lost over time or due to deep cleanings. The innovative formula behind Sunbrella Restore keeps fabrics looking like new, providing added protection against the elements and water-based spills without impacting the look or feel of outdoor fabrics.

Sunbrella Extract, Sunbrella Clean, and Sunbrella Restore are now available for purchase. For questions on the complete line of cleaning products available from Trivantage, contact your local sales representative; visit the Clean, Protect, Adhere product category page; or call us at 800-786-1876.