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Ideal for mid-sized tension shade structures, Commercial NinetyFive 340 is a popular choice among shade sail fabricators to shade outdoor areas. Made from flexible and durable HDPE, this breathable shade sail fabric offers remarkable durability and is UV stabilized and tear resistant. It offers stylish protection from the sun in parking lots, playgrounds, patios – anywhere you need reliable, long-lasting shade solutions. All styles come with a 10-year warranty against ultraviolet degradation.
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Get your shade sail fabric and hardware in one place with the SolaMesh collection. Great for shade sails, awnings, pergolas, and other shade structures, SolaMesh fabric has been tested in the world's harshest environments. Made from high-quality HDPE, the fabric comes in over a dozen colors. SolaMesh hardware is made from rust-resistant #316 stainless steel, built to hold under tension.
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Built for heavy-duty shade sail projects, Commercial Heavy 430 features a roomy 118-inch width. Equipped with superior biaxial and load-bearing strength, the shade sail fabric is ideal for large tension structures. Able to withstand extreme weather and tension, the HDPE material offers 94% UV protection. All colors are backed by a limited 15-year warranty.
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