brown textured fabric from raw material to finished product

Recycle My Sunbrella®

Save Sunbrella, FIRESIST®, Dickson® Collection, Exceed, and Hydrofend® fabrics* from entering landfills.

For more than 50 years, Sunbrella has recycled manufacturing waste and delivered it to partners who convert the materials into industrial products such as felt, automotive insulation, and filtration.

In 2010, Sunbrella started the Recycle My Sunbrella program that allows domestic consumers to participate in our recycling process. This is a special take-back program that provides an alternative to disposal for fabric scraps, awning covers, boat covers, and upholstery fabric. Since the inception of the program, Recycle my Sunbrella has collected nearly one million pounds of fabric that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.

Glen Raven, the parent company of Sunbrella and Trivantage, has set a goal to help its customers recycle an additional one million pounds of products by 2025.

We accept old, remnant, or used Sunbrella, FIRESIST, Dickson Collection, Exceed, and Hydrofend fabrics. (*with the exception of Sunbrella Horizon® and Sunbrella SeaMark®)

Send your used Sunbrella fabric to Recycle My Sunbrella or drop off your fabric at a Trivantage branch near you.


To ship your recyclable fabric:

  • Enter your info and create an RMS label
    • Please note on your label if you are shipping a mixture of fabrics.
  • Print your labels, placing one on the inside of your shipping container and the other secured to the outside.
  • Apply postage and ship the package to the address on your label (located in Anderson, SC). Glen Raven does not pay shipping costs.
  • Rest assured, your packing materials will also be recycled.

To drop your fabric at a fulfillment center:

  • If you don't want to ship your fabric, you can also drop it off at your nearest Trivantage fulfillment center during business hours. Simply call ahead or let an associate know upon arrival that you wish to recycle your fabric.
  • Please note: Goods are inspected when dropped off and will be refused if they don’t meet qualifying guidelines


Please note the following guidelines when recycling fabrics:

  • Any old, remnant, or used Sunbrella fabrics, FIRESIST fabrics, Sunbrella Exceed FR Awning fabric, and Dickson Collection fabrics are accepted. These fabrics can be shipped together (with the exception of Sunbrella Horizon and Sunbrella SeaMark).
  • All zippers, grommets, rope, vinyl, foam, or fittings must be removed.
  • Fabric should be brushed clean (free of dirt and debris buildup) and dry.


At Trivantage, we look forward to working with our customers on sustainability efforts that address our collective environmental responsibilities. For more information on the fabric recycling programs & other work to reduce waste, check out Trivantage's Sustainability Efforts & Achievements, Sunbrella's Commitment to the Environment, and Glen Raven's dedication to Sustaining a Pattern of Good.