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Pleated Marine Vinyl Fabric: Benefits & Features of Roll-N-Pleat Fabric

In the world of marine textiles, pleated marine vinyl is a type of upholstery fabric that offers boat enthusiasts a special blend of style, substance, and durability. Four of the top types of pleated marine vinyl are Causeway Roll-N-Pleat, Nassimi Seaquest, Sunbrella Horizon, and Nautolex Capitano.

Brands, Features, & Technology of Pleated Marine Vinyl

Dive into the world of marine upholstery, and you’ll encounter some true giants. Let’s delve deeper into some of the top brands in the industry:

Sunbrella® Horizon®

  • Trailblazing Design: Sunbrella Horizon isn’t just another marine upholstery fabric — it’s a trendsetter.
  • Protection Against Microbial Pinking: No more fretting over microbial pinking. Sunbrella Horizon’s got it handled.
  • Engineered Synthetic Leather: Made from synthetic leather (i.e., faux leather), it exudes luxury, topped with a protective layer for added durability.
  • Sunbrella Horizon Capriccio is also featured in Trivantage’s diamond-stitched Quilted Marine Upholstery Panel collection, available in an extra-large 50” x 52” size for an effortless high-end look without the specialized machinery.


  • Trivantage's Gem: Causeway is an exclusive Trivantage fabric, offering unparalleled value and a luxury grain embossing for a high-end look.
  • High-Performance Fabric: It’s not merely about aesthetics. Causeway is crafted for longevity with excellent durability and colorfastness.
  • Polycarbonate Topcoat: The topcoat ensures your outdoor fabric remains pristine, making cleaning easier than ever.
  • 3-Year Warranty: This fabric is covered by the Trivantage® Causeway warranty, adding another level of confidence.

Nassimi Seaquest

  • Time-Honored: Nassimi Seaquest is a classic choice when it comes to marine textiles.
  • Marine-Ready & Easy Cleanup: Sporting an embossed PVC coating, it’s robust and a breeze to clean.
  • Versatile Design: Be it vintage charm or modern flair, Nassimi Seaquest caters to every nautical heart.

Nautolex® Capitano

  • Quality at an Entry-Level: Nautolex Capitano fabric offers premium quality without burning a hole in the pocket.
  • Durable Polyester with Vinyl Coating: A duo that ensures lasting beauty and function.
  • Color Palette: From muted greys to vivacious shades, with so many options you can find your perfect match.

Causeway Roll-N-Pleat: Breaking Down Trivantage’s Exclusive Marine Fabric

Roll-N-Pleat (i.e., quilted fabric) isn't just a fancy name in the world of marine vinyl. It's a symbol of high-quality design and craftsmanship. Not only is it functional, but it’s durable, UV resistant, and incredibly comfortable.

Functional & Aesthetic

Roll-N-Pleat is the pinnacle of marine upholstery fabric. Its pleated design isn't just for show — it’s the backbone of its adaptability. Imagine a fabric that dances to the rhythm of waves, winds, and the unique contours of boat seats. That’s the magic of Roll-N-Pleat.

Durable & UV Resistant

With the relentless sun, salty sprays, and the whims of the elements, marine life is hard to predict. But Roll-N-Pleat, with its abrasion resistance and cold crack resilience, stands undeterred. The pleats aren’t just about aesthetics — they promote better air circulation, ensuring mildew resistant properties.


Beyond resilience, Roll-N-Pleat is all about comfort. With a soft feel, Roll-N-Pleat fabric makes boat seats and other upholstered areas the epitome of relaxation.

Common Uses of Roll-N-Pleat Fabrics

Given its marine grade resilience, Poll-N-Pleat fabric is the go-to boat upholstery fabric to tackle everything from a gentle sea spray to the blazing sun. These are some of the most common ways the fabric is used by interior designers, upholsters, and more:

  • Boat seats (helm, benches, etc.) & canopies
  • Backrests and seat cushions
  • Stylist chairs, bar stools, and other moisture-prone seating

Shopping and Caring for the Fabric

One of the best parts about the marine vinyl upholstery fabric options offered by Trivantage is that they’re easy to care for and clean. Plus, their antimicrobial resistance means they won’t succumb to the harsh elements of the sea. And if the fabric does get dirty, refer to our upholstery cleaning guide for tips.

Set Sail with Trivantage for Your Fabric Odyssey

With all the options, finding the right marine upholstery can be difficult, but with our Fabric Resource Center and the expert team at Trivantage, you’re always in seasoned hands. Our product selection boasts an array of marine fabric, foam backed options, and Roll-N-Pleat choices, including hidem gimp and welt fabrics.

With a commitment to offering the best selection of marine fabrics, we take the hassle out of finding the perfect, high-quality option for any project. Have questions? Contact us today for help with any fabric or hardware needs.

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