Quilted Marine Upholstery Panels

quilted marine diamond fabric rolls

Quilted Marine Upholstery Panels featuring Sunbrella® Horizon® open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to provide your customers with high-end quilted design choices. No need for in-house stitching or specialized machinery, saving time, money, and muscle.

These panels are designed with a plush 1/2" sew foam backing for stylish cushion comfort, plus 16 ways to mix and match colors & stitch design. Enjoy a 5-year Sunbrella Horizon product warranty, plus a 3-year microbial pink staining warranty, offering long lasting performance and peace-of-mind.

The quilted panels are available in an extra-large 50” x 52” size which can be used as complete cushions, or utilized as decorative inserts for an elevated custom appearance - you’ll have the flexibility to bring any customers’ vision to life.

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