SKP Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape

The SKP Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape is used to patch holes or tears in vinyl, vinyl-coated, or vinyl-laminated fabrics. It's ideal for repairing tarps, tents, bounce houses, corrugated walls, the inside of refrigerated trucks, and more. The SKP vinyl repair patch is a 14-ounce coated vinyl with an extremely adhesive backside. Since it's a self-adhesive tape, there's no need for messy liquid adhesives. Simply cut, peel, and press.

SKP Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape adheres immediately and takes only 24 hours to fully cure. For optimal results, use SKP on both sides of the material. It comes in full rolls at 6" wide and 5' long. Choose from six color options below.

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