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  Designed for easy handling
  Durable and colorfast
  High-end look for high-profit markets
  Eco-friendly certifications
  Extended warranties
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Trivantage has teamed up with Dickson for their long-standing reputation as a preferred maker of coated textiles. Each fabric is designed to benefit fabricators while bringing the refined look that end users want.

Dickson’s performance fabrics include solar protection for awnings, shade sails, and tents. The awning fabrics are durable, flexible, and colorfast against UV rays. They suit a range of shade applications, like retractable awnings, shade fabric structures, and window awnings.

Dickson also provides graphic fabrics for custom signs, banners, wall coverings, and more. These digitally printable fabrics accept any type of ink in the industry. Easily customized and installed, they open opportunities in high-profit markets, like hotels and retail.

Supreme Solar Protection

Dickson’s shade fabrics include awning and canvas tent fabrics. With 100+ varieties in Dickson awning fabrics, you’ll find a fabric with the specs and style you need.

aluminum extrusion

The North American Collection is a curated selection of attractive, durable awning fabrics. They feature a Cleangard® coating that prevents dirt buildup. The outdoor fabrics are water resistant and mildew repellent. A solution-dyed acrylic base fabric makes them highly resistant to fading. All styles are heat sealable and easy to handle. Use for window awnings, fixed awnings, patio shade, pergolas, or outdoor canopies. Backed by a 10-year warranty.

Dickson arcade

Arcade FR is a collection of fire-resistant fabrics in a spectrum of bold and natural colors. The fabrics are processed under the Lowick System for long service life and flexibility. Arcade FR fabrics are resistant to mildew, UV rays, stains, and tears. They prevent water penetration and are treated with a Cleanguard coating for effortless cleaning. Weldable with a tight-fitting structure makes designing and installing an awning easy. Use for small shade structures, awnings, shade sails, event tents, and outdoor canopy structures. Equipped with a 5-year warranty.

Dickson LAC 650 SL

Use LAC 650 SL for pergolas, awnings, shade sails, marquees, event tents, and outdoor canopy structures where a heavier-weight fabric is needed. LAC 650 SL coated fabric is manufactured for long-term durability and flexibility. It blocks water penetration and resists UV damage, mildew, and discoloration. Its smooth surface features a Cleanguard finish for added protection. Weldable and fire resistant, it comes in a range of attractive colors. Backed by a 5-year warranty.

Graphic Fabrics Collection

The newly added collection to our Dickson offerings is their Graphic Fabrics Collection. Used in the sign and banner market, these digitally printable fabrics are designed to create the highest quality graphics possible. Choose from the PVC Banner Collection for heavy-duty projects, or the EverGreen Collection for PVC-free, eco-friendly options. Use for custom banners, signage, wall coverings, and more. Top features include curl resistance, flame retardancy, and indoor or outdoor use.

Our Dickson Resources

Read up on how to care for your Dickson North American fabric through our Resource Center. For detailed warranties and sample cards, follow the links below.