O'Sea™ Coated Press Polished Sheets

O'Sea Coated Press Polished Sheets marine fabric

Where optical clarity and durability are crucial, O’Sea Coated press polished sheets offers a solution.

These sheets are made from UV durable, stain and scratch resistant materials to fulfill any client’s shade project needs. This makes O’Sea Coated sheets great options for outdoor shade applications as they can outperform the sun. O’Sea sheets also help resist chemicals, including sunscreen, bug spray, and jet fuel. The easy-to-clean sheets will not change colors or distort your vision.

They can be used for a range of applications, including residential patio awnings, window awnings, commercial awnings, window covers, dodgers, and more.

O’Sea products are made start-to-finish in the USA. Explore sheet colors in clear, smoke, or green below.

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