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Choosing the proper performance thread for boat upholstery and marine applications can make or break your project. Choose from great brands like GORE® TENARA® and Coats Dabond® that are engineered to withstand salt water, fresh water, and all kinds of weather conditions experienced by boats and marine vessels. These marine threads and bobbins come in popular black and white styles to match marine fabrics and marine upholstery fabrics.

Made from high-quality materials like PTFE and polyester, they offer a lasting service life. Whether you're looking for a boat upholstery thread or a general marine thread, these products will deliver. These marine-grade sewing thread offerings are equipped with performance features like silicone lubrication, UV resistance, and anti-wick finishes.

Shop multiple sizes of durable marine thread and bobbins below. To view a full listing of our thread offerings, click here.