Causeway® Binding

five colors of Causeway brand hidem gimp and welt

For a perfect match to our exclusive Causeway marine fabric, choose Causeway hidem gimp and welt. These Causeway marine binding products are made from PVC-coated polyester to withstand tough marine conditions. The high-quality hidem and welt defend against damage caused by water, sun, and mildew.

Causeway welt is an ideal marine upholstery piping. Use the welt cord to visually enhance seams on boat seats. The welt has a 5/8-inch width and comes in full rolls of 47 yards.

Causeway hidem gimp is used to conceal staples or tacks in boat upholstery and other marine fabric trim applications. This resilient hidem gimp provides an exceptional upholstery trim. To install, simply position the hidem over the staple-lined fabric edge and staple in the middle to hide the fasteners. The hidem has a 5/8-inch width and comes in full rolls of 25 yards.

Pair Causeway hidem gimp and welt with their matching Causeway marine fabric to create a seamless trim. To get everything on your list, shop marine tools, polyester and PTFE thread, and cleaners to finish your project.

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