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The Right Hardware for the Right Hold

Built to stay put and release when you need them to, YKK’s heavy-duty hardware items are made from durable materials. These items include metal zippers, plastic zippers, separating zippers, coil zippers, and replacement zipper parts like zipper pulls. YKK also makes buckles, D-rings, and snap fasteners. While excellent for use as water-resistant marine zippers, YKK zippers are used in a range of industries. Applications consist of boat covers and other marine functions, upholstery and cushions, awning enclosures, tents, bags, industrial curtains, pillows, and more.

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YKK Products

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Marked by a distinct “YKK” stamp, zippers and sliders are the company's mainstay products. YKK zippers are lightweight and built to perform smoothly under any conditions. With an integrated coloring process, the paint won’t chip off or fade. Find marine-grade plastic zippers with polyester zipper tape, metal zipper sliders (or zipper pulls), VISLON® zippers, ZIPLON® (coil zippers), finished separating zippers, zipper chains (or “continuous” zippers), top stops, and more.

YKK fastener

Beyond zippers, YKK also produces a variety of industrial fasteners. Choose from easy-use D-rings, cord locks, and buckles. These fastening products are great for backpacks and marine applications. They offer small, simple designs with reliable, effective results. Explore different styles, depending on the type of fastener you need.

YKK marine hardware

In our marine hardware section, you’ll find YKK’s SNAD® domed snap fasteners. These unique pieces of hardware eliminate the need to drill holes into boat surfaces. The rounded shape means they’re safe to walk on and won’t snag on surrounding elements. SNAD marine fasteners are compatible with a variety of fasteners to snap firmly in place.

YKK offers a legacy of quality zipper and fastener hardware

YKK has a reputation for their thorough production and testing standards. This results in quality metal or palstic zippers and fasteners that won’t jam, corrode, or break. Founded over 80 years ago, they’re now the world’s largest zipper manufacturer. With a focus on value and affordability, you can count on their products’ performance and longevity.

While known for their YKK zippers, the company also sells a variety of plastic fasteners and hook-and-loop fasteners with the same detailed attention. The products fulfill a range of industries and applications to aid in your next project. They offer a wide number of opportunities in industrial, consumer, and military functions.

Because YKK zippers are easy to fabricate and provide a longer service life, you can spend less time on needless repairs and more on the important stuff.

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