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The idea is simple. Instead of asking customers to imagine an awning, you show it to them. That's the promise of Awning Composer - without the need for CAD experience, take a picture of your customer's building and use pre-built 3D models of different shade structures to show your customer exactly what their shade structure will look like.

Save even more time with the Estimation Add-on (sold separately). When designing your awning, the amount of materials, framing cut list, labor time, cost of production, and retail price are updated as changes are made.

Awning Composer 5

  • Customize shade structures with different fabric patterns, valance styles, graphics, and text.
  • Dynamically generate 3D models, including both fabric and frame components.
  • Take standard awning styles and quickly make adjustments to the frame.
  • Add dimensions, create cut lists, and generate orthographic views.

Estimation Add-on

  • Calculates the amount of framing needed based on the length of extrusion and other parameters.
  • Calculates the amount of fabric and number of panels based on fabric width, seam allowance, and other parameters.
  • Estimates labor costs based on a number of various parameters.
  • Instantly create quotes with total price, taxes, installation charges, and additional line items.