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Choosing the Correct Patterning Fabric Makes a Boatload of a Difference

With spring underway, now is the time to ensure your customers – and their applications – are prepared for boating season.

When lightweight, highly tear-resistant patterning material is needed, Canvex® and Patternpro offer multiple solutions. With excellent stability and lay-flat properties, these HDPE products are ideal for marine canvas patterning.

Choosing the correct patterning fabric can drastically improve the efficiency of designing and fabricating large-scale projects. Canvex and Patternpro are also engineered to improve the accuracy of measurements and marks while on the job.

Shop now and discover how tear-resistant patterning fabric can make a boatload of a difference:

  • NEW Patternpro from Polyfab – This ultra stable, two-sided patterning fabric is a popular choice for fabricators, and offers a tighter weave structure. Choose from folded 157” or non-folded 78.7” products for your specific fabrication.
  • Canvex I – This clear, reinforced plastic sheeting is also popular for patterning boat covers, snap-on covers, biminis, and other marine uses. Canvex I is one-sided, 81” wide, and ideal for projects prioritizing light weight.
  • Canvex II –Also popular for patterning large projects, Canvex II is two-sided, 72” wide, and best used for jobs that require superior tear resistance and patterns that require markings on both sides of the material.

Discover the difference performance patterning can make. Shop pattern fabric today, contact your sales representative, or call us at 800-786-1876.

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