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Summer + Hydrofend® = Protection

If it’s summer, it’s time to consider the benefits of Hydrofend cover fabric to protect marine and patio projects from the elements.

Hydrofend gives you up to six times better water resistance than uncoated fabrics. The protective fabric is coated on the back of the product, which provides superior water resistance and protects the surface. The result is a fabric that lets little water in and water vapor out, and the coating ensures the fabric does not fray.

Use Hydrofend for boat covers, bimini tops, boat enclosures, storage covers, and furniture covers. Lightweight and powerful, count on the fabric to resist cold cracks, mold, and mildew, and it stores, tows, and fabricates easily. Case in point: Monte Roller, the owner and operator of Custom Canvas, a family-owned canvas shop specializing in high-end marine covers and enclosures in Bismarck, North Dakota, specified Hydrofend for a pontoon boat cover and he described the fabric as “just right” for the application.

“Hydrofend’s biggest advantage is its sewability,” Roller said. “The fabric is lighter and stronger than what I’ve previously used for similar projects, and its stretchability and elasticity result in zero wrinkles. Hydrofend sews great and does not fray, which means no strings. It’s a solid look for pontoon covers.”

Available exclusively from Trivantage, Hydrofend is available in 13 colors, and marine binding options offer an exact color match for each fabric.


For more information on this Made in the USA offering, contact your local sales representative, shop online, or call us at 800-786-1876.

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