HAR Adhesive - 730 For Bonding Vinyl Laminates

HAR Vinyl Adhesive 730 is ideal for bonding laminated vinyl fabrics. You can also use it for bonding vinyl-coated fabrics, some synthetic fabrics, polyurethane-coated fabrics, canvas, leather, metals, and more. The fabric bonding glue applies easily with a brush, roller, or spray gun and dries quickly. A solvent-based synthetic resin adhesive, it won't strip or damage laminated vinyl fabrics.

This clear vinyl-laminated fabric adhesive is durable and flexible. It resists water, oils, chemicals, and weathering, making it great for outdoor fabrics. Use HAR Adhesive 730 fabric glue for making and repairing boat tops and covers, tarps, awnings, tents, bags, and more. Choose from two sizes, both with a convenient brush top.

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