Visilite® Clear Vinyl

One line fits all. A new vision in clear vinyl.

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Living room with Visilite clear vinyl
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A Trivantage® original, Visilite is a true all-purpose clear vinyl. It comes in a full range of gauges, widths, lengths, and performance traits to best fit your needs.

Crystal clarity and durability bring Visilite to the forefront of the clear vinyl market. Its standout feature, though, is in flame retardance: Visilite offers options which pass NFPA-701 Test Method 2. This makes it great for commercial restaurant enclosures and tent windows.

The clear vinyl material is flexible and heat sealable for easy handling. Designed for both commercial and residential use, these clear vinyl rolls work well in patio enclosures, tent sidewalls, car and boat windows, and curtains. Visilite blocks the elements without blocking the view.

Need proof? See the difference for yourself:


an awning made of black fabric set up in front of a building


a black fabric awning elegantly installed in front of a building

From a total of 23 items, the Visilite product line comes in double-polished, extruded, interleaved, smoke-tinted, and fire-retardant options. Choose the style that best meets the demands of your next clear vinyl project.

Visilite is designed to achieve industry-leading performance standards while also being easy to use and maintain. It is easily cleaned with a mild vinyl cleaner or soap and dried with a soft microfiber towel.