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Advanced polymer fabrics for high-end shade.

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Since inventing shade cloth in the 1970s, GALE Pacific is now one of the world's largest manufacturers of shade fabrics. They specialize in advanced polymer fabrics for industrial and commercial applications. GALE Pacific shade fabrics are engineered for ultimate UV protection in outdoor spaces while providing a unique design element. Engineered to perform in some of the world's harshest environments, these shade sail fabrics are built to last.

Only GALE Pacific offers the world's most extensive range of flame-retardant knitted fabrics for use in shade sails and other shade structures. With the most comprehensive FR Testing and Certification Program, all flame-retardant styles meet the most stringent flame retardancy standards.

The GALE Pacific brand represents excellence and innovation in the field and Trivantage is proud to carry their products.

GALE Pacific Shade Fabrics

We carry three of GALE Pacific's most popular brands from their Commercial line of UV-stabilized HDPE shade sail fabrics. These high-performance fabrics include Commercial NinetyFive 340, Commercial Heavy 430, and Commercial DualShade® 350.

Each brand carries its own unique benefits, making them among the best fabrics for shade sails. All styles are available by the yard and pair well with stainless-steel shade sail hardware.

Commercial NinetyFive 340

Commercial NinetyFive shade sail fabric

One of the most trusted HDPE shade fabrics in the industry.

This high-quality shade sail fabric is designed for mid-sized shade structures, shade panels, and shade covers. Commercial NinetyFive 340 is best-suited for commercial and architectural applications like parking lots, playgrounds, pools, and more. It offers lasting strength, UV protection, and tear resistance. Choose from a range of colors in standard and flame-retardant fabric options. All styles come with a 10-year warranty against UV degradation.

Commercial Heavy 430

Comercial Heavy 340 shade sail fabric

Designed to survive extreme weather conditions in large tension structures.

This shade fabric got its name for its use in heavy-duty shade structures. It features a 118" width, making it great for large-scale tension structures. Since the fabric is not folded, there are no creases to stretch out. The heavy-duty fabric has superior biaxial and load-bearing strength against extreme weather and tension. It delivers high tenacity and 94% UV protection. Use in tension structures, sun shade sails, and canopies for playgrounds, parking lots, and more. Choose from over a dozen colors in standard and FR fabric options. The fabric fulfills multiple environmental criteria and comes with a limited 15-year warranty.


Commercial DualShade® 350

DualShade shade sail fabric

Where performance and style meet.

Add vibrancy to any shade sail with Commercial DualShade 350. The unique knit pattern features two different colored yarns, giving the fabric a two-toned, shimmering look. The high-strength fabric provides exceptional biaxial stability, which means a similar stretch in both directions. Lightweight and flexible, it comes in a spacious 118" width for wide coverage. Use to create shade in sports complexes, school yards, parks, patios, and more. Pick from several color combinations to fit any space. Commercial DualShade 350 comes in standard and FR fabric options. It meets strict environmental standards and comes with a 10-year warranty against UV degradation.


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Choose from nearly 100 GALE Pacific products on the Trivantage site. Find warranty details and tips on how to clean shade sail cloth through our Resource Center. You'll also find sample cards and product guides for all styles. Follow the links below for more.

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