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Aqualon Edge marine fabric

Explore Aqualon Edge, the next generation in multi-use, high-quality boat cover fabric. Powered by cutting-edge Perfecta Marine® technology, Aqualon Edge reduces heat gain caused by UV rays. This keeps surfaces and interior temperatures cool. Tough yet flexible, the material is easy to fabricate. It resists water, cracking, fading, mildew, rot, and UV rays. Use the marine fabric for boat covers and enclosures.

Aqualon Edge Soft features a soft warp-knit polyester backing for added protection. Available exclusively through Trivantage, the boat cover fabric is offered in 20 different colors. Made in the USA, Aqualon Edge is backed by an extended 7-year warranty. To learn more about Trivantage's Aqualon Edge products, check out our Aqualon Edge Brand Page.