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Video Guide: Aqualon® Edge Marine Fabric

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    Video Transcript

    • We're talking about the Edge family of fabrics available exclusively through Trivantage. This group of fabrics incorporates cutting-edge Perfecta Marine technology into its manufacturing process. Perfecta Marine technology is an additive in the coating process that has reflective properties that allow the fabric to repel UV and heat, which offers reduced heat gain on the cover itself. Now I'm going to demonstrate the dramatic impact that Perfecta Marine technology has on the surface of two fabrics. I'm going to take a surface reading on the temperature of a solution-dyed polyester product. And then I'm going to take a surface reading on the Aqualon Edge and I'll show you the temperature difference between the two products. So reading this solution-dyed polyester product we have a reading of 138.5 degrees. Taking a surface reading on the Aqualon Edge product we have a reading of 111 degrees. The higher temperature on the other product is going to lead to increased degradation on the product versus the Aqualon Edge product.
    • Aqualon Edge is only coated on one side as you can see and there has the white underside. Aqualon Edge is very highly tear resistant and also highly abrasion resistant as well, which is basically the abrasion it might have on a cover underneath the surface. Aqualon Edge is ideal for many different applications in the marine industry. It's ideal for tops, it's ideal for Biminis, it's ideal for playpen covers on pontoon boats as well.
    • The main advantage of Aqualon Edge is that it can be used in over-the-road covers as well. The abrasion resistance, or its high level of abrasion resistance lends itself to being able to carry down the road without any destruction to the cover. Also Aqualon Edge is available in 20 different colors. Aqualon Edge Soft incorporates all of the features, advantages, and benefits of the Aqualon Edge product like the tear resistance and like the abrasion resistance, but also added is a soft-knit backing which allows it to not damage surfaces that it is covering. This is not only used for marine applications. You can also use this for airplane covers, for grill covers, also for casual furniture covers. Aqualon Edge Soft is available in 11 colors. For all of the Edge family of products, we provide a seven-year non-prorated warranty. All of these products also feature the Perfecta Marine technology, which offers heat gain reduction on the surface of covers. These products are also mildew, crack, and UV resistant. To learn more about the benefits of fabric shade and the products that we offer, please call customer service or visit us at

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