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Video Guide: BellBloc® Fabric Liners

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    Video Transcript

    • We will be talking about the BellBloc line of products available through Trivantage. The BellBloc line consists of two different products, which are intended for use as liners into cushions for both the marine industry and the casual furniture industry. Lining of cushions can prevent the growth of mold and mildew from within the cushion, and can also prevent penetration of oils and stains into the cushion, which could degrade the life of your cushion.
    • BellBloc is available in two different types of products. The BellBloc 68 as seen here is available in the 54 to 56 inch width. It is 2.01 ounces per square yard, and its end use is intended for cushion liners inside of seat cushions and seat backs. BellBloc 100 is a product that's available in a 60 inch width. It is a 2.65 ounce per square yard and its main use is intended for a liner in a pillow. For information on these or any of our other products, please call customer service or visit us at

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