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Video Guide: Fastening with Pres-N-Snap®

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    Video Transcript

    • This is the Hoover Pres-N-Snap tool. It's manufactured here in the United States using heat treated cast aluminum. It's got a heat treated cast aluminum body, replaceable plunger, spring, and lever. It comes with multiple dies for setting a variety of different fasteners. This tool has been used worldwide by thousands of fabricators, installed literally tens of millions of snaps. The plunger in the bottom allows for the proper tension of the fastener when it goes into the fabric.
    • Proper maintenance requires just a drop of oil here on the plunger and here on the lever. There's an optional bench mount when doing multiple fasteners to help reduce hand strain. This is a lifetime tool and can be easily passed down to generation to generation if properly cared for. To purchase the Pres-N-Snap tool or any of our other products, contact customer service or visit

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