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Video Guide: Installing Q-Snap® Fasteners

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    Video Transcript

    • This is the Q-Snap directional fastener. It's made out of 316 grade stainless steel, incorporates a unique lip that goes around the socket, and a tab that is fixed to the stud. This lip and tab combination allows for a positive locking directional fastener, which, when leveraged into place, allows for the canvas to be pulled extremely tight.
    • The stud incorporates a gasket on the back side which helps to position and fix the fastener to prevent it from spinning. It also helps to prevent any water leakage through the stud hole. There's a decorative cap that's available for this fastener. It fits over the stud when not in use and prevents any accidental snag on clothing or fishing line. The cap can be left in place while the snap is used.
    • Q-Snap is sold in kit form which includes all the pieces that you see here, including a locator pin and cap. It's also sold in component form and boxes of 100. Additionally, there's a do-it-yourself starter kit that comes in a package of 10, and it's designed for retail sale. For more information on the Q-Snap or any of our tools, contact customer service or visit

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