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Video Guide: Marine Shade Fly Basics

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    Video Transcript

    • When it comes to providing a cool, comfortable boating experience, Trivantage has you covered with an easy on and off application. A marine shade fly offers convenient shade when customers need it most. When the heat is on, you can create easy shade with our marine shade fly premium shade poles, customizable fabrics, and hardware.
    • With a hand selected offering of shade fly supplies, Trivantage makes it easy to purchase everything you need to meet your customers' needs, including pick-and-choose adjustable pull sets, fabric, and hardware. Cool shade is only seconds away with a marine shade fly which offers the ultimate UV protection and comfort when out on the water. Durable and made to last in the most demanding conditions, the removable boat shade poles and fabrics are lightweight and installed quickly and easily to either the bow or the stern of the boat.
    • t Trivantage we offer four categories of premium lightweight pole sets and each set comes with two poles. Easy to install, remove, and stow, these poles attach seamlessly to shade fabric connectors. Built to last for many seasons, they resist fading, scratching, corrosion, mildew, and dirt from all the elements. Marine shade flies are rapidly growing in the shade market for boats of every size. It gives fabricators the ability to add temporary shade to boats that would normally not have shade.
    • Boat owners are turning to marine shade flies for the ease and simplicity of the product including two key benefits: owners don't need to have additional hardware permanently mounted to their boat. Polls simply drop into the boat's existing rod holder, or if there are no rod holders to use, our team can assist in specifying a deck mounting plate. Also, shade flies can be fabricated not to interfere with the fishing experiences while still providing ample shade to the boat. Of course, you'll want to pair marine shade fly products with worry-free performance fabrics.
    • Trivantage has hand selected the most popular shade fabrics to pair beautifully with any shade pole sets. Over a hundred industry leading fabrics are readily available for multiple collections including Serge Ferrari Stamoid products, SolaMesh, a 118-inch wide knitted high-density polyethylene mesh, exclusively from Trivantage, and Hydrofend, a lightweight solution dyed polyester also exclusively from Trivantage.
    • Trivantage has everything you need to complete a marine shade fly project. Our comprehensive array of hardware, thread, finishing, and mounting supplies are part of our one-stop shopping solution. Want to learn more about marine shade flies? Contact your Trivantage representative today. Our team of experts are standing by to help you find the best products for all your marine needs.

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