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Video Guide: How to Use SKP Super Kwik
Patch Repair Tape

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    Video Transcript

    • SKP, or Super Quick Patch, is a vinyl patch used to basically make repairs when you have a tear in your vinyl. It's simple to use. First thing you want to do is you're going to want to rub the area with alcohol and let it dry completely. Then you take the Super Quick Patch out. Super Quick Patch comes in two different sizes. We've got a five foot container and we have a 75 foot roll and the product is six inches in width. It's extremely sticky. So when they package it it comes with this lightweight piece of vinyl to keep it from sticking to the box. After the alcohol is dried, take the SKP out and cut the appropriate length. Peel the back off, and again, it's extremely sticky, then simply place the SKP over the tear and push it down firmly.
    • The SKP comes in five different colors and the fabric itself is a 14 ounce coated vinyl with that very aggressive adhesive on the back. But once done you have a significant repair patch here.

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