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Video Guide: Working with Marine Track & Keder

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    Video Transcript

    • This is our track and keder welt. Track comes in many different sizes and shapes. Track is designed to allow a fabricator to install canvas to a boat allowing for a very water-tight fit.
    • Our track comes in many different profiles: different bottom features to fit onto different profiles of boats. It's available in black and white Flex-A-Rail. Our PVC awning rail has different profiles to allow the keder welt to come off on different angles. Some of our tracks are designed with two grooves to allow multiple pieces of keder welt slide in at once. Our Costa Track is a specially designed fitting that goes on the end. It finishes off the end of the track and makes it more durable and more attractive
    • There are specially designed screws to fit inside of the Costa Track. The screws do not interfere with the keder welt as they slide through. Our keder welt is available in both black and white and in two different sizes. The 8.5 keder welt is designed to slide in easily into the Costa Track and the PVC tracks. The 7.5 keder welt is designed for the smaller Flex-A-Rail or for areas where you have a large curve. This track is easily formed using a standard heat gun and requires about 200 degrees temperature to soften the plastic. 
    • PVC track and keder welt is a great way to attach canvas to a boat for a clean and watertight finish. Track is available from Trivantage in a variety of different profiles and colors to meet any need. For more information on all of our track and keder welt products contact customer service or visit

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