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Free Solair® Awning Visualizer for Your Website

At Trivantage®, we’re always looking for new ways to serve you better. That’s why we’re offering you the Solair® Awning Visualizer free for your website. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to see how a Solair awning will look on your customer’s home, which helps you make a seamless sale:

Take a picture with a smart phone, Upload the picture, See a new Solair awning on any home

Solair awnings are proudly assembled in the U.S. and use Sunbrella® and Dickson® fabrics for the covers. Customers can choose from hundreds of beautiful designs, bold patterns, and on-trend colors for the perfect awning fabric. Fabric selections include new offerings as part of the Sunbrella Shade Collection, including Sunbrella Drops and other performance fabrics from Dickson.

Call us today and we’ll provide you with a link to your very own customized Awning Visualizer.

To add this new tool to your digital toolbox, please contact your sales representative or call the Solair help line at 1-877-889-1680

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