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Fil-Tec, Inc. has brought innovative fiber solutions to a variety of industries for over 40 years. We trust Fil-Tec thread products for their commitment to ingenuity and durability. Reinforce seams on cushions, awnings, tarps, and more with products made to make your job easier.

Steady Thread. Fully Loaded Bobbins.

Fil-Tec offers a range of industrial thread and bobbin products for different purposes. These sewing threads are critical components to cushions, automotive interiors, and others. The threads offer superior bond quality for a high-strength thread that’s easier to handle and lasts longer. The pre-wound bobbins hold more thread than self-wound bobbins and are ready for immediate use in your sewing machine.

Vicone of white Aruvo thread

Aruvo is a premium PTFE thread. It brings lasting color and strength, reducing the need to re-stitch damaged seams. The thread is break resistant and features low elongation and twisted yarn for better hook pickup. Aruvo thread and bobbins come with a limited lifetime warranty. They resist UV rays, weather, mold, and mildew.

The thread spools feature a unique snap base to prevent thread from falling off the spool. The bobbins come in a clear tube and are pre-wound with Aruvo thread. Use in marine projects, awnings, upholstery, shade sails, and more. Offered in over two dozen styles.

Vicone of red PremoBond thread

Fil-Tec PremoBond is a bonded twisted multifilament high-tenacity polyester thread. 30% stronger than the industry standard, it’s tough enough for extreme outdoor conditions. The UV-treated sewing thread resists bleeding and fading for lasting color. With anti-wicking properties, it defends against mold and mildew. The versatile thread can be used in marine canvas, awnings, filtration, leather and footwear, luggage, tarps, slings, and more.

PremoBond thread is lubricated and resists most chemicals for smooth sewing and long-term performance. Made in the USA, PremoBond comes in thread spools and pre-wound bobbins. Pick from multiple colors and sizes for your next project.

Vicone of blue Premofast thread

The original solution-dyed thread, Premofast is engineered for superior resistance to fading and bleeding. Made from UV-resistant bonded low-twist monofilament polyester, it’s highly durable outdoors. Premofast thread resists breaking, fraying, and chemicals for excellent sewability and staying power. The non-wicking thread endures wet environments and repeated cleaning. Use in awnings, upholstery, marine fabrication, filtration, and other outdoor or industrial uses.

It delivers consistent tack, steady draw-off tension, and proprietary cross-tack technology. Choose from multiple colors and various styles to fit your required needle size. Available in thread and pre-wound bobbins.

Vicone of black Aqua-Seal thread

Protect your seams from leakage with Aqua-Seal thread and bobbins. It works by filling the needle holes when wet. This helps prevent liquid foam from coming through seams during fabrication and protects end products. Simplify your process and cut costs by eliminating the need for tape or leak reinforcement. Great for automotive interiors and upholstery, Aqua-Seal is UV resistant, colorfast, non-wicking, and resistant to chemicals.

The durable polyester design makes for smooth sewing and metered control. Aqua-Seal thread and bobbins are used together to provide ultimate leak control. The pre-wound bobbins provide tension control, eliminate waste, and save time. Choose from black, white, and tan in multiple sizes.

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