Aruvo® Thread and Bobbins

Aruvo threads

Aruvo PTFE thread is armed with traits aimed at making your life easier. Long-lasting color and performance mean you won't have to re-stitch damaged seams. It features lower elongation, twisted yarn for better hook pickup, and fewer breaks for smooth sewing. The thread spools include a unique snap base to inhibit thread falling off the spool when taken off the sewing machine. The bobbins are pre-wound with Aruvo thread and come in a clear tube so you can see how much thread is left.


Designed to achieve industry standards, Aruvo thread and bobbins carry a limited lifetime warranty. The durable sewing thread withstands UV rays, severe weather, and chemicals while severely reducing mold, mildew, and deterioration.


Applications for Aruvo thread include marine canvas, awnings, upholstery, shade sails, and more. Pick from several styles in thread spools and pre-wound bobbins below.


For more information on thread types and their recommended applications, check out our Thread Guide.

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