Upholstery Checklist: What the Professionals Use

upholsterer working on project

Upholstery takes skill, patience, an eye for design, and the right materials at your disposal. Whether for indoor or outdoor furniture, there are some essentials needed to get the job done. The following items are great for furniture repairs and replacements, commercial reupholster jobs, and custom pieces. They are used in a breadth of projects, including seating, chair cushions, sofas, slipcovers, carpeting, upholstered walls, automotive headliners, and boat interiors.

Below, we’ve listed the most commonly used upholstery supplies and tools that every upholstery professional should have in their workroom. Use the following upholstery checklist as a quick reference for your next shopping list.


✓ Industrial sewing machine

You can’t do much in this industry without a sewing machine. There are several of them on the market, built for thick fabrics and heavy-duty threads. It’s worth the investment to spring for a high-quality sewing machine.

✓ Tape measure

A soft tape measure is a basic but proven necessity for anyone in the fabrication business. It allows accurate measurement around complex curves.

✓ Pneumatic staple gun (and staples)

Another in the lineup of essential equipment, it’s hard to see how any upholsterer gets by without a staple gun. With compressed air doing the work for you, it’s a swift and easy stapling tool.

✓ Upholstery fabric

couch with pillows

Upholstery fabric selection can make or break a piece. The project’s parameters may require a stain-resistant fabric, an antimicrobial sling variety, a modern solid, or textured pattern. Some of the most well-trusted furniture fabric brands include Sunbrella® and Phifertex®.

✓ Tools and trimmers

revolving punch

Without scissors to trim or pencils to mark length, craftsmen wouldn’t be able to shape their vision. Here are a few upholstery tools you may need to actualize your design:


✓  Thread, bobbins, needles, tape, and zippers

thread assortment

Join, adhere, and hold everything together with these products:


✓  Cord, fringe, trim, and webbing

pillow assortment with trim

Some of the most memorable elements in a piece of furniture are in the details.


✓  Grommets and fasteners

pillow assortment with trim

Grommets and fasteners provide connection points or a unique visual element to upholstery projects.


✓  Sprays, cleaners, and protectants

pillow assortment with trim

Specially formulated cleaners and protectants keep furniture looking new.


✓ Sunbrella® throw blankets

Sunbrella throw blanket

These handmade, decorative throws pair nicely with Sunbrella fabrics.

Create pieces that give your customers function and luxury with these upholstery supplies. Save time and money by getting everything you need in one place!