Weather-Chek® Awning Fabric

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The latest from Herculite® fabrics, Weather-Chek offers a range of features that improves every stage of the awning making process. Made from polyester-reinforced PVC, the awning fabric is built to last. The awning material is flexible with a soft hand, making it easy to handle and sew in any climate. Dimensionally stable, scratch resistant, and tear resistant, it fits easily to awning frames and resists damages from installation and daily use.

After the fabric is set to the frame, the Rain Kleen® II topcoat prolongs the life and color of the fabric. Weather-Chek is waterproof, weathertight, stain resistant, and mildew repellent, making it ideal for the outdoors. The flame-resistant fabric can be used to make commercial awnings, patio covers, shade structures, architectural canopies, car shelters, walkway coverings, privacy screens, drapery, and more. Replace old or damaged awning fabric with Weather-Chek for an updated look and lasting performance.

The textured surface provides a desired look for end users. It also readily accepts graphics for high-clarity colors and imaging. Maintenance is carefree as the fabric may be cleaned with mild soap or bleach.

A limited 10-year warranty offers peace of mind for the lifetime of the awning. Choose from several colors below, all sold by the yard. Weather-Chek offers a professional look at an economical price. The fabric is distributed exclusively by Trivantage.

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